The Practice Mapping project aims to expose the interaction dynamics involved in a practice. It is, however, not only interested in the static network of the entities involved in the practice, but also, and perhaps even more so, in the dynamics of this network: how it grows and transforms over time.

The Interactivos? LABoral: When Process Becomes Paradigm workshop will assemble a number of people and objects in a bustling mass of creativity. It forms an excellent case study and unique opportunity for observing and mapping the dynamics of the creative practices as they take shape. We want to make visible the network of interactions between the involved people, significant objects and work tools, relevant locations in and around the workshop, and events as logged by the participants.

To attain the objective of exposing these practice dynamics, we propose to blend scientific data collection and analysis techniques, with artistic reinterpretation methodologies in order to build a visual narrative of the processes that take place during the workshop. We plan to link different representations in an atlas of interactions: a system of maps – both dynamic and static – able to express the synthetic nature of the creative practice.